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Your Hometown Mortgage Bank

How do we make a happy customer every day? That is the question we challenge ourselves to ask. Our goal is to make the loan process as simple and worry-free as possible. As a customer, you want to work with a knowledgeable, friendly and responsive loan officer. As a company, we want to be a resource to help make your life better. Whether you want to refinance for a lower mortgage rate, get a new home mortgage, home equity loan or second mortgage, our purpose is to satisfy your needs.

Integrity Mortgage Group (IMG) will put you first on our list.

A genuine belief in the “customer for life” principal is what fuels our company. Referrals from previous customers and local real estate professionals have been key elements to our success. We believe that says a lot of how we deliver mortgage services to our customers.

Low Rates and Fees

We use the most advanced technology available to close loans quickly, at a low cost. By combining the use of the Internet along with advanced processing software and automated underwriting systems we have taken the mystery out of approving and closing a home loan.

No Money Down

No Money Down USDA – We specialized in no money down programs to ease the burden of up front out of pocket expenses for customers.

Fast Approvals

We understand the need to have a quick response to you requests; it’s our goal to be proactive in getting you through this process as quickly as possible.

Each Loan Program is Unique


Do you anticipate increasing or stable income?

If income growth is anticipated, you could take advantage of a lower start rate on an ARM or a temporary buydown.


How important is payment certainty?

If knowing that your payment will be the same every month is important, consider a fixed-rate mortgage.


How important is rapid equity buildup?

If rapid equity buildup is a factor, consider a shorter amortization period, such as a 15-year, fixed-rate mortgage.

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